Market Insight Newsletter of IC-Dec-2021

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As the last month of 2021, in the December, the TI shortage demand is sharp decreasing. The factory has got some materials from TI that the shortage supply has been partially erased, so for customer side, the demand is down. According to the more and more incoming stocks from TI, the price is highly unstable, but most materials’ price is going down. Also as 51200, it’s price is down to 1.2usd around in this month, and 53353 also from higher than 100usd down to less than 80usd. That require us to be more careful when we but stock. In other hand, some materials still carry high price as the source is tough, such as DRV8886, applied in 3D printer, the price is keep in 3-40usd in several months, it is also hand to get stock for 53318,53355,53513,53515 even pay high price.The Christmas Holiday is coming soon, it seems the demand from overseas will be increase before holiday, but in general, the demand is really weak now. TI experienced the long time hot market, we can feel it, Winter is coming, it is a big challenge for next Q1.


STM has been selling in discounts by most spot traders since prices fell, but surprisingly the price has rebounded this month. Like the STM8S003F3P6TR, the price in September is $0.85, the price in October is $0.70, the price in November is 0.3 plus dollars, the market runing stock is almost sold in December, along with this gap period of delivery schedule, the price began to recover to 0.6 dollars. STM32F103VCT6 this part also share the same scenario, the price in September is $26, the price in October slightly reduced to $25, the price fell sharply to $12 in November, then it comes to December, we have a pleasing turning point, the price back to $17 again. Although the car grade chip is relatively short, the market running stock is actually relatively small. Basically, goods are directly picked up by customers, or inventory is locked and not open to offer. Perhaps during this short time, the stockers who holds high cost goods can consider sell some goods first, after all, we are still not optimistic about next year's market movements.


Qualcomm’s demand drop in this month and customers are mostly in wait-and-see mode.Netcom materials are still seriously out of stock, and AR8035/AR8033/AR8031 series are in short supply and supply falls short of demand , some parts will be EOL . Qualcomm will raise prices again from January 2022.The price of QCC51XX series will increase by 17%, QCC30XX series by 6%, CSR8670 and CSR8675 by 21%, and CSR8811 series by 15%,and CSR8615 and CSR8635 by 13%.  The hot part for this month is AR8031,and the marketing price is  higher than 1200 yuan It is suggested that customers with relevant needs place orders as soon as possible. In the future, price rises and shortages will continue, and spot is becoming less and less. Shortage part numbers this month are QCA9880-BR4A-R, QCA9882-BR4A-R, AR8033-AL1B, AR8031-AL1B, QCA9558-AT4A etc.Quiksol has some stock such as CSR8635B04-IQQF-RCSR8510A10-ICXR-RCSR8635B04-IQQF-RQCC-3008-0-68CMQFN-TR-00-0 and so on, Welcome to communication



1. NXP automotive materials are slightly relieved than before, but the actual arrival of most materials is not as expected. Automobile materials are still facing shortages.

2. Traditional MPU/MCU, clock chips, according to different models, some delivery is bad, such as MCF52, PCF2/PCF8 starting materials, most of the delivery date is 78WKS+

3. RFID/NFC chips, such as some materials beginning with OM/MFR are returned, and the price fluctuates back and forth.

4. MK series is in short supply, and some of them are scheduled to 2023. This situation is difficult to alleviate in the first half of next year

5. It is necessary to continue to pay attention to the supply of NXP, especially Low liquidity parts, prepare for 22-23 years in advance.



In the past month , Broadcom demands has continued to slow down , Currently, Customer acceptance has declined, Some parts have some incoming stock , such as B50282 , B50285 , and BCM59121 that were relatively popular before . And so on , even the BCM56960 , which was once speculated to around 2KK , has been significantly reduced for customer acceptance . Various signs indicate that the stock preparation needs to be cautious in the near future . At present , in terms of PLX and LSI , the delivery period continues to be elongated and maintained at more than 68 weeks . The orders placed in March at the beginning of the year were originally delivered in March next year . Almost all of them have been delayed until the end of December next year , basically required more than 100 weeks . Some of the discontinued materials had exceeded the 150-week lead time . Avago is relatively stable compared to other series in the current delivery period , but it is still in short supply . It is understood that next year's industrial demand will be relatively large , and the shortage will intensify . Next year , the market is more optimistic


Realtek's demand was decareased in November. The demand for audio decoding was decreased significantly this month, and the demand for sound and network card chips around computers was decreased this month as well. The models out of stock this month are RTL8218B-VC-CG, RTL8382M-VB-CG, RTL8214FC-VC-CG, RTL8231-GR, RTL8125BG-CG, RTL8238B-GR etc.. For RTL8111H-CG, although the market price has dropped to 2USD around, customers can not afford the over-valued price anymore and still waiting for the allocation from manufactory.In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG, RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome to exchange.


In November, the demand parts for microchip mainly focus on PIC MCU, and the main out-of-stock theme is distributed in PIC18F46K20 46K22, as well as parts with the end of ML in QFN package. Obviously, this month, the demand for PIC MCU is more than the previous months. In contrast, the price of SMSC series has dropped a lot this month, and a lot of goods have arrived. Such as USB2514BI 2514B. KSZ9031 KSZ8081 USB2517 LAN8710 LAN8720, these former months in particular out of stock material, the next should slowly ease, but compared with before, the price is still in the middle and high. Our company has a long-term demand for microchip , there are advantageous channels to contact our company.


ADI's recent market situation is hot. The main shortages are low to middle liquid parts. The prices are continued to be increased. The main demands are comes from server customers and automotive customer. Common MPNs like ADUM1201A arrived some stocks in the first of November, so customers demand become less than before and the market price become lower than last months.Instead of ADI will increase price for 6% from 1st December, it is said that another round of price increase will begin from January of 2022. The rate will be at least 10%. This news will make the market hotter.The demand of ADI is more than before. Let’s seize the opportunity.


The demand of Onsemi is still very strong in Nov,and it is focus on Mosfet and logic IC , BSS138XXX, 2N2007XXX these series is still very hot and shortage. For Diode and tran, it has some stocks in the market, overall the shortage has eased, but for 1SMB59XX and MMBT390X, the supply is still very tight , and market price still very high, Recently, there is some news that Onsemi will adjust the order window period again, if the window period is exceeded, the order cannot be cancelled, whether this measure will have a new impact on the next relationship between supply and demand deserves continuous attention


This month is the last month of Q4. Infineon is still out of stock, and demand for Mosfet and switch materials is relatively high recently.The current delivery time for low-voltage MOS is 42-52 weeks, for high-voltage MOS is 36-52 weeks, for IGBT materials is 39-50 weeks, and for automotive-related materials is 45-52 weeks.This month's demand is still mostly concentrated in Mosfet and switch materials, IPB, IRF, IRL, BTS series materials have more inquiries.However, there are very few models supported in stock, and only a small number of models can be supported in stock. The price of some materials has increased greatly, such as BTS3410G, which originally had a price of less than US$1, but the spot price has increased by 30 times.The shortage of Infineon’s MCU is also very serious. Although the demand is not high, it has been difficult to find spot support.For example, SAK-TC223L-16F133F AC, customers have been looking for it since May, and there is still no spot available.The TLE series of automotive-grade chips are still in short supply, and the price increases are also relatively large. It is expected that the next price and delivery time will not be ideal. If there is demand, it is recommended to stock up as soon as possible.


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