Market Insight Newsletter of IC-Nov-2021

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In November, the TI demand from factory is less and less, as so far, the TI market is in down trend. The hot shortage materials in the first half year, the price is going down and stable as the huge incoming quantityfrom TI factory. Such as, BQ40Z50RSMRR1, in the last few months, the price is keep 15usd around, but from last month, there is many inventories coming from TI, the price is downto 34usd. But the price of 53319, 53355 much higher than 20usd around now, nearly 67 times higher than May and June in this year.  According to the shortage nearly in 1 year, factory has to pay high price to buy chips from stock market, it is much higher than their original cost, not to many factories can afford this,  so we can see the demand from factory is less and less, and it seems this situation will keep in the last two month of this year.


STM prices continued to fall this month, except for a few very shortage parts. STM8S003F3U6TR, STM8S003F3P6TR STM32F103VCT6 and others whose prices have fallen by more than ten points, the current shortage line is still car-grade chips, such as VNH7100BASTR, the current market price is still more than 200 dollars. The stockers continue to sell, if cleared out the high-cost goods, prices of these general consumer MCUs will going stable. The heat of diodes and MOSFETs continues, there should still have a lot of business opportunites.



Affected by the high price rising, Qualcomm demand drop in this month and customer’s order delay, they are watching the situation. For CSR8670/8675/8635 and other CSR8XXX series, due to no supply from Qualcomm, the global customers had been to buy a large number of goods to win the opportunity. The hot part for this month is AR8031,and the marketing price is  higher than 1200 yuan also in short supply and stocks are limited. AR8033/AR8035, which are used in the networking communications field are also in short supply. Stocks are limited and prices are high in the market. It is suggested that customers with relevant needs place orders as soon as possible. In the future, price rises and shortages will continue, and spot is becoming less and less. Shortage part numbers this month are QCA9880-BR4A-R, QCA9882-BR4A-R, AR8033-AL1A, AR8031-AL1B, QCA9558-AT4A etc.Quiksol has some stock such as CSR8811A08-ICXR-R CSR8510A10-ICXR-R, CSR8635B04-IQQF-R, QCC-3008-0-68CMQFN-TR-00-0 and so on, Welcome to communication


1. We mentioned previously that the supply of NXP automotive will be better in coming months. However, the actual delivery of most materials are not as expected. Automotive materials are still facing shortages.

2. Supply for most part numbers of the TJA series have eased and the market price has dropped. Part numbers such as TJA1042/1043/1051 etc.

3. The LPC MCU series also have different price trends due to the ease of supply for certain part numbers. For example, the prices of LPC1768/1765 have been reduced. However, the prices for LPC2368/2366 have increased.

4. Some MCUs such as MK66/MK64/MK24/MK22 are out of stock and on serious allocation. Many of the delivery dates have been scheduled to January and February next year and the supply situation is not optimistic.

5. Accelerometer chips such as MMA8451 and other series are in short supply, coupled with the slow down in production. But recently there are some stocks coming in and prices dipped a bit.




As the end of the year approaches , Broadcom's demand has slowed down , and some of the stocks received in October , that also solved some urgent demands . Most of the demand still cannot be completely solving , and it is expected that there will be improvement in the first half of next year . In terms of PLX and LSI , the delivery date has been extended to more than 68 weeks , and some of the EOL products are expected to exceed the 150weeks delivery date . The main reason are that the shortage of wafers has caused serious shortages of production capacity . It is expected that next year , the PLX and LSI series will still have a large chance . The delivery period of the BCM series is relatively reasonable . It is basically maintained at about 52 weeks . Most PHY chips are expected to improve on the first half of next year . However , the delivery period of discontinued PHY chips is also put to the end of 2023 . In addition , when Broadcom announced the suspension of production recently , It does not give any customers extra time to stock up , basically one size fits all , and is very unfriendly to customers . Discontinued products will also cause a shortage of many customers .



Realtek's demand was increased in November. The demand for audio decoding was decreased significantly this month, while the demand for sound and network card chips around computers was increased this month. The models out of stock this month are RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8211F-CG, RTL8211FSI-CG, RTL8211FI-CG, RTL8370N-VB-CG, RTL8367RB-VB-CG, RTD2525A-CG etc.. For RTL8111H-CG, although the market price has dropped a lot, there is still customer demand. In addition, the production capacity of series RTL88 is expected to be insufficient in the second half of the year. Customers with relevant demand can prepare goods in advance.In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG, RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome to exchange.



In November, the demand for microchip has  decreased, and now many goods have arrived . The price of some normal series has also fallen, for example, usB2514BI-AEZG has changed from 9USD before to 7.xUSD this month. For example, USB2517 Katz8081 KSZ9031 and other series have a downward trend in price. However, like EEPROM'S AT25256 AT24C08D, it is very short and the price is high. Automotive electronics are still in short supply. According to the current delivery date, it is still very long and the shortage has not been alleviated.



ADI's recent market situation is hot. The main shortages are low to middle liquid parts. The prices are continued to be increased. The main demands are comes from server customers and automotive customer. Common MPNs like ADUM1201A arrived some stocks in the first of November, so customers demand become less than before and the market price become lower than last months.Instead of ADI will increase price for 6% from 1st December, it is said that another round of price increase will begin from January of 2022. The rate will be at least 10%. This news will make the market hotter.The demand of ADI is more than before. Let’s seize the opportunity.



Demand remained strong in Sept for Onsemi. The demand for Logic IC 74 series increased a lot this month, especially for MC74XXX series, this product is in common use, so factory have many demands for it, but the delivery time currently is very long , at least 52weeks, so the supply is very tight. And Mosfet, Diode, Triode are main shortage products for Onsemi, these series are very hot such as MMBT39XX, 2N2007XX, 1SMB59XX, the price of these products increased a lot. With the arrival of the traditional peak season, the demand for automotive products has also increased significantly, NCV, NCP, NCS, these series still faced shortage, and CMOS sensor is very hard to find stock. The shortage of Onsemi will continue until the first quarter of next year.



Recently,the shortage of Infineon has not been alleviated and the demand for Mosfet and switch materials has increased.The current delivery time for low-voltage MOS is 39-52 weeks, for high-voltage MOS is 26-40 weeks, for IGBT materials is 39-50 weeks, and for automotive-related materials is 45-52 weeks.Recently, there is a lot of demand for Mosfet and switch materials,  IPB, IRF, IRL, and BTS series have more inquiries.However, only few models can support spot buy, and the price of some materials has increased greatly, such as BSC060P03NS3EG, the price in June is 0.37USD, and the price quote at 15USD recently.Switch materials and some Mosfet have stock. If there is any demand, please feel free to communicate.The TLE series of automotive-grade chips are still in short supply, and it is difficult to find stocks. Infineon's MCU is still very shortage. Although there is not much demand, it has been difficult to find stock.It is expected that the shortage of goods in Q4 will continue, the price and delivery date are both unstable. If there is any demand, it is recommended to place an order as soon as possible.


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