Market Insight Newsletter of IC-Oct-2021

Dear customers and vendors, welcome to the Market Insights-Newsletter from Quiksol that delivers timely and relevant market intelligence report to the electronics supply chain industry. We hope you find this issue of Market Insights valuable, and we welcome your feedback at


Supply for TI is still short this month and it won’t be eased this year. The prices of some materials are still high. EMS wants to pay higher prices but they still can’t get stock. These part numbers are 53353, 53515 and 53513. Prices for some part numbers in TI is going down. For example, last month price for 51200 is almost USD$10.00. The market price is around USD$4.00 now. For 2553, the price came down from USD$8-9 to USD$5. In the fourth quarter, the demand for market in China is still lesser than overseas. The demand and price is unstable for now.


Qualcomm is still on allocation this month, and there is no delivery date for all series of materials.  CSR8XXX series is expected to have a second round of price increase in October. Namely CSR8670/8675/8635, etc..  The hot part for this month is BC417143, spot price grew many times and  is still hard to find. The spot price of CSR8670/CSR8675, a Bluetooth chip used in the TWS field also increased more than three folds.  AR8033/AR8031/AR8035, which are used in the networking communications field are also in short supply. Stocks are limited and prices are high in the market.  It is recommended that customers with these requirements place orders as soon as possible. We foresee higher prices and shortages in the future and market stocks are depleting. Part numbers that are short this month are;  BC57E687C-GITB-E4, QCA9880-BR4A-R, QCA9882-BR4A-R, BC417143B-GIQN-E4, CSR8670C-IBBH-R, CSR8675C-IBBH-R, AR8033-AL1A, AR8031-AL1B, etc. Quiksol has some stock such as CSR8811A08-ICXR-RCSR8811A12-ICXR-RCSR8635B04-IQQF-RQCC-3008-0-68CMQFN-TR-00-0 and so on. We welcome all trades.


1. We mentioned previously that the supply of NXP automotive will be better in coming months. However, the actual delivery of most materials are not as expected. Automotive materials are still facing shortages.

2. Supply for most part numbers of the TJA series have eased and the market price has dropped. Part numbers such as TJA1042/1043/1051 etc.

3. The LPC MCU series also have different price trends due to the ease of supply for certain part numbers. For example, the prices of LPC1768/1765 have been reduced. However, the prices for LPC2368/2366 have increased.

4. Some MCUs such as MK66/MK64/MK24/MK22 are out of stock and on serious allocation. Many of the delivery dates have been scheduled to January and February next year and the supply situation is not optimistic.

5. Accelerometer chips such as MMA8451 and other series are in short supply, coupled with the slow down in production. But recently there are some stocks coming in and prices dipped a bit.


Renesas has launched a new round of price increase which will take effect on January 1, 2022. There will be corresponding price adjustments for products Price increase will still affect parts that has not been shipped. Price increase is said to be in the range of 20%, depending on the specific part number.

Price increase will across the companies for Renesas MCU, IDT, INTERSIL and the newly acquired DIALOG.

Components are still in tight supply due to impact of Covid-19. The lead time is currently more than 50wks for RS485/RS232/RS422 series and part number starting with ISL83070/ ISL83483/ ISL83485. Our deliveries for 9FGV0641AKLFT which we booked 3 months ago are pushed to 2023 delivery. There is a price increase for parts numbers such as UPD720202K8-701-BAA-A due to the recent Japan earthquake.



In the past month, Broadcom is starting to deliver products but it is still difficult to fill the gap in the market. Prices remains high and the quotes in the market end are almost doubled . Broadcom continues to ask for high expediting fee for customers who needs products fast. Only the large OEM customers have the ability to pay for expediting the products, Broadcom is not putting attention on the small and medium customers. Part of the PLX delivery period is still long. From the original 58-week delivery period pushing out to 68 weeks or even more than 100 weeks. The delivery period of some materials has been scheduled to 2024. It seems that the prices for PLX series is not expected to fall in the near future. Quiksol has existing inventory; BCM8727CIFBG, BCM43570KFFBG, BCM56150, etc.


Realtek's demand have decreased in October. The demand for audio decoding dropped significantly this month, while the demand for sound and network card chips around computers increased. The part numbers that are short this month are RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8211F-CG, RTL8211FSI-CG, RTL8211FI-CG, RTL8370N-VB-CG, RTL8367RB-VB-CG, etc., Customers are still looking for RTL8380MI-VB-CG, RTL8368MB-CG . In addition, the production capacity of series RTL88 is expected to be insufficient in the second half of the year. Customers with relevant demand can prepare goods in advance.

In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG, RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome all trades.


The demand for Microchip is strong in September. In October, the prices of some materials have started to drop. Comparing with the previous prices, the current prices are still high. Shortage parts are still in automotive electronics, communications, industrial materials, led by KSZ USB LAN series. These materials are still at the top spot for the shortages. Microchip have started a new round of price increase across all product lines last September. However, there is no improvement for the delivery at present. The delivery for some products still remains at 52 weeks. This shortage should last for the first half of next year. Our company continues to have demand for Microchip.  If you have inventory, please contact us.



Analog Device is still in short supply. The spot price in the market continues to rise and the prices of many general models such as ADUM1200A and ADUM1201A are also increasing. The reason for the price increase is not only that the supply is less than the demand, but also that many channels are saying that ADI will raise the price again in November. If it is true, this will be the third large-scale price increase of ADI this year.In terms of LTC, there is still a shortage of automobile materials. The prices of 6813 series and 6811 series are still high, but there are some deliveries from LTC recently, and the prices has dropped.The delivery time of ADI is still very long. It is difficult to get the goods within the delivery time. Quiksol currently has ADT7410TRZ-REEL7 in stock which we have good pricing. If you have any demand, please contact us.



Demand remained strong in Sept for Onsemi. After Onsemi announced that it would raise the price again in the fourth quarter, spot prices of all Onsemi products in the market increased. Especially discrete devices, such as diode, triode, mosfet, IGBT, optocoupler, transistor. The supply from the factory for such products is still very bad and the delivery date has been extended again and again, the delivery date of some materials has been pushed to 2023. 1smb59xx series is still very popular, and some prices have increased nearly 10 times. In addition, the demand for 74 series Logic IC and amplifier have also increased. For automotive, battery power, motor control devices are still short, NCV series and Fairchild Power Mosfets demand is still very big.


Entering the fourth quarter this month, the shortage of Infineon has not been alleviated and the demand for Mosfet started to increase.

The current delivery time is still very long. The low-voltage MOS delivery time is 39-52 weeks, high-voltage MOS delivery time is 26-40 weeks, IGBT material delivery time is 39-50 weeks and automotive-related materials delivery time is 45-52 weeks.

Recently, there is a lot of demand for Mosfet and switching regulators. Part numbers starting with IPB, IRF, IRL, and BTS series have more inquiries.

Supply is still short for Infineon. Part numbers such as IRLML9301TRPBF is in shortage. Partial stocks of IRFB4227PBF have arrived recently. If there is any demand, please feel free to communicate.

The TLE series of automotive-grade chips are still in short supply, and it is difficult to find stocks. Infineon's MCU is on allocation. Although there is not much demand, it is still difficult to find stock in the market.

Entering Q4 this month, Infineon's supply situation is still not optimistic. It is still recommended to place an order as soon as possible if there is a demand. The subsequent price and delivery date may not be ideal.